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JTX Sprint5 Foldable Treadmill

The JTX Sprint5 folding treadmill is a motorised machine with a maximum speed of 22kph. This is very high compared to other treadmills of a similar price. It also has a 20 degree incline for making your workout even harder, and an LCD screen with a huge number of programmes (99 according to the manufacturer). The JTX Sprint5 is a folding treadmill, which makes it much easier to fit into small homes.

JTX Sprint5 reviews have been very positive so far, with most people happy with their purchase. We’ll be going through the good and bad points mentioned by other reviewers later in this JTX Sprint5 review.

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JTX Sprint5 Specification

  • The JTX Sprint5 motorised treadmill comes with a 2.75 HP motor that’s capable of a stunningly high top speed of 22kph. Unlike other treadmills in this price range, the 20 degrees or incline are fully motorised so you don’t need to do any manual adjustment.
  • The LCD screen of the JTX Sprint5 is capable of displaying up to 99 different programs, along with basic information such as distance and time taken.
  • According to the manufacturer the JTX Sprint5 treadmill arrives with 99% of the assembly already complete, which dramatically reduces the amount of time required to put it together.
  • Other features include a relatively large running area – 46x135cm to be exact – and an effective suspension system.
  • The console of the JTX Sprint5 has two speakers allowing you to attach your mP3 player directly to it.
  • The onsite warranty for the JTX Sprint5 is two years, while the frame of the treadmill is covered under the warranty for five years. As with any sort of warranty on a high ticket item, make sure you read it carefully so you know exactly what you’re covered for before you buy.

Overall, the JTX Sprint5 folding motorised treadmill appears to have many features associated with higher priced treadmills without the large price tag. The JTX Sprint5 price is very reasonable, and there are many deals available online.

JTX Sprint5 Reviews

All reviews we could find of the JTX Sprint5 on sites such as Amazon.co.uk were very positive. Some of the good points mentioned about the machine include its relatively low price, high speed rating compared to other treadmills on the market and its quiet operation. Several reviewers said that they would have been willing to pay hundreds of pounds more for a treadmill of this quality, which is very high praise. Other good points mentioned about the JTX Sprint5 motorised treadmill include that its foldable, comes with a floor mat for protecting the surface underneath and has a wide running surface.

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